Tigers Eye Raw Points

£40.00 GBP

Tigers Eye - Stone Of Courage

Tiger's Eye carries the energies of a combination of sun and earth elements, making it a powerful stone of both grounding and energising vibrations. It gives one the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take immediate action to achieve their goals

Key Facts

●    Instills self-confidence and inner-strength. A personal empowerment stone
●    Aids with blocked talents, abilities and creativity
●    Increases intuition, gut feeling and psychic skills
●    Combines earth energy with sun energy to create a high vibration
●    Highly protective – wards of ill wishes
●    Promotes equality and integrity
●    Stabilises energy and aids in removing negative habits
●    Balances the reproductive system

  • 1 x Crystal (Size Optional)
  • 1 x Crystal Explanation Card
  • 1 x 100% Organic Cotton Crystal Draw String Bag


Solar Plexus is the energy center & governs our ability to be confident, assertive, and make decisions from a place of inner wisdom. It is also the key to unlocking our personal power and building a strong sense of self.

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