Clear Quartz Raw Points

£70.00 GBP

Clear Quartz - The Master Healer

Clear Quartz is a powerful stone often referred to as a 'master healer'. It can be programmed to manifest any intention, whether it be personal, spiritual, or financial. It cleanses all the chakras, clears stagnant energy, and opens the mind to higher guidance.

Key Points

●    Most powerful healing and energy amplifier. Works on all levels
●    Assists with healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, bringing you back into balance
●    Absorbs, stores and releases energy
●    Amplifies your intentions for manifesting
●    Promotes mental clarity, aids concentration and unlocks memories
●    Great for meditation, filtering out distractions
●    Enhances your inner vision and along with spiritual abilities and connections
●    Protects you energetically

All of our Towers & Raw point Crystals are carved and shaped for us and imported directly by us so that we have selections that sit well together and we know the origins of the Crystals. 

Crystal will come complete with a Native Self 100% Organic Drawstring bag and a Native Self meaning 

  • 1 x Crystal (Size Optional)
  • 1 x Crystal Explanation Card
  • 1 x 100% Organic Cotton Crystal Draw String Bag

All Chakras

The seven chakras are the main energy centers of the body. You've probably heard people talk about "unblocking" their chakras, which refers to the idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit

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