SVP Care Guide

How to care for your jewellery

We want you to enjoy every piece of your SARAH VERITY jewellery. Read our customer care guide and feel free to contact us any time.

  1. As our rings are adjustable care MUST be taken when wearing and sizing. We strongly advise that you invest in a small wooden mandrel that can be bought here. This will ensue the ring band stays in shape.
  2. Protect your jewellery and always keep it away from heat and extreme cold. Certain stones can be harmed under strong bulbs and halogen lamps.
  3. Make sure it is properly cleaned and stored away from direct sunlight.
  4. Don’t wear your SARAH VERITY jewellery when using chemicals, cleaning products or strong detergents. Do not wear your SARAH VERITY jewellery in chlorinated or salt water.
  5. Perfumes and makeup, soap and shampoo can all damage your gemstones over time. To keep your SARAH VERITY jewellery at its best make sure you rinse it regularly in water at room temperature.  Do not use hot water.
  6. Wear with care and protect your jewellery from bangs and scratches.
  7. Ideally store your SARAH VERITY jewellery separately so the pieces do not rub – precious and semi-precious gemstones may scratch each other. We always store our pieces in soft fabric bags on nice soft surfaces, so we suggest you do, too.
  8. Silver can tarnish with time and exposure to sunlight and humidity, so please keep it in a soft pouch preferably in a cool dark place. To clean silver use a mild silver cleaner and a specialised jewellery cleaning cloth.
  9. Gold vermeil fades over time, this will all depend on how often you wear the jewellery and how you keep it and protect it from water.
  10. SARAH VERITY offers a re-plating service your SARAH VERITY rings at £50 plus P&P.